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Hello there!

Hello! I'm Sophia, and I'm the creator behind alotusstory. My journaling journey began in first grade, two years after I had come to Canada. I was still struggling with my English, and my class activities were still difficult for me to do. So, my grade one teacher gave me a notebook that had pages which were blank at the top and lined at the bottom. Her instructions were simple: share what you did over the weekend using pictures, any words you know and whatever else you want to use to convey your days. I glued leaves, candy wrappers, bus transfers, dried flowers, magazine/newspaper cuttings ... whatever I could find to document my weekend. What began as an exercise to improve my English as a child turned into a tool that I use to navigate and understand the world around me. Here I am, 25 years later, still an avid journaler and now bullet journaler who is addicted to stationery! I love writing about my journaling journey and 


When I was younger I used to be obsessed with stickers and mechanical pens. Back then I didn't know but my deep dive into the stationery world began when I started my bullet journaling journal back in the summer of 2016. Here I am five years later even more obsessed with stickers, pens, washi and now journaling ephemera! I love writing about my planner and journaling journey, and I try to incorporate different aspects of my life as I write that narrative. I hope you'll find something that resonates with you while you're here :)

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